Sessions last about an hour. Patients lie on the table, usually face up, in loose clothing.  I create a safe place where I listen carefully to your description of what brings you to me. Using light touch, I evaluate where there are restrictions and adhesions in the body that may relate to physical or emotional symptoms. I then facilitate resolutions based on evaluation. 

My overall goal is that each patient achieves the highest quality of life that is possible.  While sessions may be silent, I invite you to express sensations, thoughts, and feelings as they come up for you, both verbally and/or through your body.  As we address your health and healing together, I support you and your resources, including your body’s innate capacity to heal. This process helps to resolve restrictions and other symptoms that often are physically, mentally, and emotionally intertwined. 

You may experience Craniosacral Therapy and/or SomatoEmotional release as powerful forces toward dramatic healing or as a gentle journey toward well-being. Patients typically report that they feel deeply relaxed after a session because Craniosacral Therapy has a calming effect on the central nervous system.  Regarding their symptoms, some patients feel complete or substantial relief after the first session, others begin to feel better after two sessions, while still others may take a few weeks or longer to respond to treatment

*"Since moving to the city I found most holistic healing rather disappointing, until I met Richard. The kind of energy to body work he does has been the best I've found in the city in two years. I highly recommend his release work for the whole mind, body, soul connection because he goes far beyond the muscular and nervous system; he releases the emotional wisdom locked in the body."  Kenzie, Artist/Writer
(Appointments: or 917-648-3897)